Trevor Garrecht, RMT

Massage Therapy Treatment

This is my Bio page which will explain my course of treatment, Massage Therapy Practice, volunteer work, sports teams I have worked with, some personal interests & such, and some of my philosophies. Hope you enjoy it!

You will fill out a short history form that will give me some past and present information about you.

I will then do an assessment of your physical problem areas while also looking at the rest of your body to see how it all moves, functions and may relate to your complaints.

I'll show and teach you specific stretches and strengthening exercises for your injuries or tight and sore spots.

I'll explain when and how to use heat, cold or other hydro therapy techniques for your trouble areas.

Ultimately together we must find what is causing the problems and give you ideas to rectify them. Are your work, stresses, activities of your daily living causing you problems?

Also keeping in mind the body/mind/spirit and how it all works together to either help or hinder our health.

With the hands on treatment, my objectives will be to act positively upon these systems to rehabilitate your physical problems and to ultimately improve your health.

Pain Perception -------------> Decrease Pain
Muscular System ------------->Decrease Muscle Tightness and Spasm
Psychological State ------------->Decrease Stress
Nervous System -------------> Calm or stimulate nerve function
Circulatory System -------------> Increase blood flow
Respiratory System -------------> Increase oxygen flow to cells

The Practice

The Clinic's feel is professional yet casual and friendly.

We are competitively priced.

I use lotion instead of oil.

I sell gift certificates which are great for birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine's Day!

Sports Massage Work:

I have worked with / at:
The Vancouver Grizzlies NBA Team for over 4 years
Kajaks Running Club
Canadian National Kayak and Canoe Teams
Vancouver & Victoria Marathons
UBC Triathlon and Duathalon
Various Volleyball Tournaments
Athletes from a wide range of sports including ironman, runners, tennis and golf to name a few.

Volunteer Work:

Various Sporting Events
Many health fairs including the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Interests & Sports:

I was a competitive volleyball (mostly beach) player, and still enjoy tennis, golf, hockey, cycle, swim, hiking and rollerblading. I enjoy reading and learning about body/mind/spirit through books, video tapes and lectures. I aspire to travel the world. And most of all, I love learning about life - our Ultimate Journey.

Other Information:

I believe that massage therapy is the profession I was destined to be in.

I am easy going, trustworthy, friendly and always open to any questions you may have.

I am always upgrading to be the best massage therapist I can be and to add other therapies and philosophies to my repertoire.

I graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1992 and have been working steadily since then.


My main objective is for you to get better!

I am an open-minded therapist who believes in all therapies and if I feel that you would benefit with some other therapy either in conjunction with mine or on its own, I will suggest it.

I believe in preventative therapy. I try to see patients once a month for maintenance once the original problem is no longer present so that everything gets checked out. We will deal with any trouble areas before they become a problem.

Rules of Thumb:

Heat, self massage, stretch, exercise, stretch, ice

Use heat for tight and achy muscles, use cold for swelling and pain

If pain lasts for more than 4 days, seek therapy

If something causes pain, ease off, take a break, or stop what you are doing

Pain is actually not normal to have! Headaches are not normal! Does this shock you? If it does, you need to change your way of thinking and seek therapy because you have lived with pain for so long that you think it is normal!

There are only 24 hours in a day, use them wisely! Breaking those hours down leaves 8 for sleep, 8 for work and only 8 for fun. The 8 hours for fun consists of time with family, friends and with yourself, to exercise and have self thought for health and stress relief. Therefore, things like having a long commute to work cut into that fun time - maybe you need to rethink your time and life priorities for what is truly important to become that healthy and happy person you deserve to be.

The key to life is to be happy! It should be the number one objective you strive for and achieve. Always remembering that only you can make yourself happy. No other person or thing can make you truly happy; they should only add to the happiness you have already attained!

Balance is a word with much meaning in life and should always be in your forethought. If you focus on balancing your life you will live on a stable, secure level plane.

Belief in all you do is greatly important because positive thinking won't even work unless you "believe" it will.

Everything happens for a reason. The reason is hard to find sometimes, but the answer is there - it may take time to surface.

"As above, so below" means that what your physical body deals with is mostly directly related to your emotional or mind state. Your physical problems are 70-90% from emotions and only 10-30% from the body.

You need to ask questions like these more often and contemplate the answers: "Why am I here and what is my life purpose?", "Why is this earth and universe and all it consists of here?"

You are on earth to learn lessons. If you learn these lessons in this lifetime, then you can take these to your next lifetime and move up one step of the stairway to becoming your higher self or "complete" soul.

If you live a life instituting these and other principles, you are a "clear thinker" and your life will be free of complications. Even if a complication, like a disease, arises, you will be able to heal yourself.

Love, Life, Laughter
From Your Friendly Neighborhood RMT
Trevor Garrecht

Make Your Health a Priority!